Web Design

Web Design is part listening to clients, and part offering comprehensive design to meet requirements. My process includes:

  • Gathering requirements and understanding the needs of your business and users
  • Building a iterative and collaborative design process
  • Incorporating branding, messaging and communication into the design
  • Ensuring business goals are met
  • Delivering on time on budget

Site Performance

When it comes to speeding up a website, I’ve got a variety of tools I employ to assist. There are countless reasons that having a fast website is important, aside from Google including loading time as critical to how they rank your site.

I can improve site speeds by utilizing the following:

  • Scaling and compressing images appropriately
  • Implementing a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Leveraging and configuring server caching
  • Minifying HTML, CSS, and JS files
  • Optimizing servers
  • HTTPS/2 Pushing

Marketing / SEO

At the heart of marketing is reaching you’re target segment with a clear and concise narrative. This includes building communication strategies, social media, focus group analysis, and marketing plans.

SEO is forever evolving and I continue to stay plugged in to the changes. From Google’s push to the semantic search to Mobile Indexing first, I help clients ensure their sites grow from organic search.

I can improve Google Domain Authority rankings through the following:


As of 2017, mobile traffic has outpaced desktop traffic. Mobile continues to grow as smart phones and tablets dominate the market. I ensure that websites are responsive for mobile and are optimized for Google search.

I can increase your mobile presence by:

Small Business Consulting

I love working with small businesses. From building business plans to laying the groundwork for a startup, small businesses can thrive with a little outside energy. My experience with small businesses includes:

  • Developing a technology roadmap
  • Business model development
  • Leading creativity and innovation sessions for new product development
  • Project Management
  • Generating sales goals and targets
  • Establishing marketing plans